Thursday, May 23, 2013

hair it is!

so i'm up at o'dark-thirty cause i went to the film "Girl's Rising"(a link to the's a must-see) with my friend Pauline and we may or may not have gone for coffee before-hand and i may or may not have had a large-caffeinated beverage at 5:30p.m.
the story was amazing and informative and hard to watch and i felt grateful all over again.
i am blessed to be soo fortunate to live in a country where women are free to do anything a man can.
i am soo excited that our little town of 60,000 people filled a theater to gain awareness about the crisis girls and women are facing all over this world.
it was inspiring.

and in this film i saw girls with the same hair as aregash.
so let's talk hair. :0)

 here is my beauty with her extensions i put in, with the help of my friend deena, and her daughter alyssa a few days after easter.
i have had to redo them several times since then.

the other night we decided that it may be time to think about taking them out. 
mommy misses her curly hair and even though it isn't much work on a daily basis like her natural hair,
 they are still lots of work.
her natural hair is almost as long as where i cut.
WOW! it's long!

still lovely and a totally different look.
this is similar to what it would look like if we just braided her hair without the synthetic hair.

the pile of "fake" hair, as she calls it. :)

so the plan is to let the braids unravel from the bottoms and when they get far enough up we will take the extensions out.....
if not before.
it very well could happen before. :)

wouldn't it just be soo fun to have hair that you can do all these fun things with???

hair 101.

i think the coffee is beginning to wear off now.
i sure did accomplish some crazy-amazing tasks while i was wired!

good night all!!

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