Sunday, May 19, 2013

don't knock the rummage

Rummage sales are always soo much fun!!!! hahahahaha
One of the perks of homeschooling is that we finished with school a week before most kids we know
MY kids got to help their mama wash up the gear that we were selling. YAY!!

One of my Mother's Day gifts was to have the garage cleaned out (which we did ON Mom's Day)....and yes i helped.....because otherwise it wouldn't have gotten as clean as it did.
We have huge storage in our rafters, a hunting room, and a storage room....
all filled to the brim with junk.
There were a few tears along the way because the daddio didn't want to go through every box and bag he had stored in the rafters and his hunting room to do away with treasures.
(I did find a "KEEPER" while we were cleaning....didn't know we had a cute little patio set in all the chaos...
 I guess I should mention they were MY tears that were shed. 
I started to have what I call my "African Moments" where all I could see was 
 everywhere and I questioned what the heck we are doing. 
Why do we need 50 pairs of hunting pants, 15 coolers, 3 extra bikes, etc??? 
Why are we storing the toolbox that Dic made in high school in shop class when we aren't using it?
Why do we have to have 5 gas cans when only one is used?

Most of it was in the middle of the garage floor to go to sale.'s gone now.

 Yep, those are bottles of champagne and whiskey and Vodka in the right corner. 
They came from my hubby's hunting room. 
Guess he planned to have a bit of a party.....some day. 
Seems he might have some hoarding tendencies. :)

We had the sale at my sister's, as she lives right in town and gets more traffic.
So with late nights prepping, early mornings, baseball practices, games, and shuffling kids....
it's over.
Thank you, God, it's over! ha!

We made almost a $1000 between the two of us.
I know. Crazy!!
It was well-worth it.
Since we have come home from Ethiopia I have donated everything, but there are some things that needed the dishwasher, and the mower, and the dining room table, and the vacuum cleaner. So this will help a tad. But I have to say that I'm pooped. 
Rummage sales are NOT fun and it throws our family for a loop for a week.
I'm now feeling all cleaned out and ready to start a new week.
I can't wait to start doing some summer things with my kids!
Bring on the sunshine!
Bring on the baseball games!
Bring on the planting flowers and gardens!
Summer is finally here.

What a great weekend.

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