Monday, May 6, 2013

Lukey's Birthday parte'

The theme was JURASSIC PARK
(because he's been watching his share of JP movies lately)
**try finding anything to go with THAT theme locally....
i don't even think DINOSAURS are in anymore. it was a challenge**

Luke chose a local pizza joint to party with his friends. 
They played lazer tag and LOTS of video games.

we don't usually do many family parties anymore, except an occasional dinner-out on the actual birthday, because it gets to be too many people, and two parties are too much with 4 kids.

Uncle Clay had his four littles who love Peppy's Pizza (& Luke), and it was great for Aregash to have some of her cousins to play with.

 fun times!!
Happy 10th Birthday, Luke!!!
time is flying!!!

the OTHER side of the cake (hey, did you see one of my cakes was voted one of the top cakes on Cake Central. com?)
 click the badge on my top-left's the Star Wars cake with the name kchiolis. pretty cool!

you are loved and adored, Luke Casey!!!

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