Thursday, April 25, 2013

I got away....

last weekend i met 19 other adoptive mom's from the Beauty for Ashes page on Facebook that i have come to love.
 i knew 1 of those 19 girl, Pauline
( we met shortly after we brought our girls home from Ethiopia 2 years ago). 
we drove to Denver together to spend 1&1/2 days with 18 other mamas we only know from the internet....
and some of them i don't think i've ever had a conversation with.

it was good.

waiting for the many groups of women to come piling into the house

it was a great opportunity to be real with other moms who truly get the HARD and the GOOD and the FRUSTRATING and the CORNERS TURNED and the ACCOMPANYING LOVE and the HARD......
that comes with adopting a child(ren).

pj party and meet/greet

 i made some friends whom i really think i will be friends with forever. 
everyone was awesome.
 i just need a little more time to get to know people and i think visa versa.

hiking at Red Rocks

i NEEDED to get away.
i NEEDED a break.
from things.
 and kiddos.
and life.

the group of "newbies"--our 1st time to a BFA gathering. i wish i had a photo of ALL :(

what a blessing to just be in the presence with soo many other women who get my heart, 
who don't judge,
 who give grace, 
because they just understand. 
such a sweet time to share and laugh and love on each other.

soo glad i got away.

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