Tuesday, April 9, 2013

if you're looking for me........

i know it's a huge surprise i'm back with a post  in just a couple of days.
i quit Facebook.
now there's a chance i may be visiting my blog more often . :)
cause as it turns out.....i like to post.
not that anyone may even come here.....

if you're looking for me,
this is where i'll be.

new hair--new jump-rope

a day at the kid's fair ....just a mama and her girl.

the daddy went out of town, the little boys were at baseball, & big brother was home catching up on school. 
so me and aregash went out on the town......
to the kid's fair, to the girly store, to the cookie store, and then to see our friend's new baby.
we don't get to do this often, now that we are home schooling and we're all together all the time.
 i don't get many chances to spend one-on-one.

i'm feeling recharged.
& blessed.

 and i was thinking.....
since i'm planning to hang out here a little more now maybe i should get some more bloggy friends!
if you don't see your blog on my side bar, feel free to drop me a note with your address so i can come visit YOU!
and thank you.

blessings, friends.


Deena said...

Looking forward to reading many posts from you Friend!
;) Miss you already!

Kendra said...

i miss YOU TOO!!!! soo happy we have big plans in the making.....or at least our kids do. ;)

Marisa Van Wormer said...

Thanks for posting kendra. Miss seeing you on FB but the emails are great! :-)

Kendra said...

Marisa, i'm soo happy to have alternate ways to stay in touch!!

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