Monday, April 8, 2013

because we live here......with THE rock & the buffalo

they're even cute from the back.

last week our sweet friends came to visit us in SD from Wisconsin. 
the mama, Deena, and i found each other during our adoption processes through blogging.....
3 years ago? 
 this is the 3rd time we have met face-to-face 
(2nd time for our husbands and kids).
 and we all kinda like each other.

we did a little bit of sight-seeing.


zach took this picture of the buffalo.
we were a little too close for comfort.....MY comfort.
but he treated us nicely. 
you don't get a shot like this very often.

Wind Cave National of the places where the "Buffalo Roam"


Deena said...

I can't believe Zach took those pictures!!!!! AWESOME!

Kendra said...

well, i took a few but he wanted all the credit. i'm good wit that. ;)

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