Thursday, May 13, 2010

My First Give-Away!!!!

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you" John 14:18
Our t-shirts were designed to raise awareness of the world orphan crisis.  And about 1/3 of these children are orphaned in Africa.
We are selling them to help us raise money for our adoption costs (and we can sure use the help :0) to bring our little girl home from Ethiopia.  We are currently somewhere like #13-15. on the referral wait-list, so we will know who she is soon!!
If you'd like to purchase a shirt you can order on this page--down on the right side.
When we have paid all expenses we would like to use our shirts to help other adopting families.  One child at a time.....

I think it's time for a give-a-way!!  Don't you?  10,000 HITS and it's time to celebrate!!  So......I decided I want to give someone a chance out there to have our new shirts in their sweet little hands. Let's do TWO shirts, huh?  Okay, so here it earn a chance for each thing you do.
  1.   Comment here and tell me your blog address (if you have one),  so I can come visit YOU!
  2.    Post about this giveaway on YOUR blog using this link:     
  3.    Add me as your blogging friend (and tell me that you did)
Give-a-way will end Wednesday eve, May 19th
        One child at a time......
    Will YOUR heart be broken for an Orphan?


    JonesEthiopia said...

    Here's my blog address:

    Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

    Love the shirts! Good luck with your fundraising. I am feeling so incredibly busy and excited all at the same time. We are hoping to travel to Ethiopia in July to bring our little girl home. I am so excited for the school year to end so I can start focusing on Ethiopia! Thanks for following our journey. I can't wait to hear about your referral...sounds like you are really climbing up that wait list!!!!

    mkayew said...

    Love your shirts! We are a family of six on our second adoption journey. Our daughter was adopted from China in 2007. We are currently at the top of the waitlist for a baby boy from Ethiopia. We can't wait to get the call anyday! Our blog address is

    Queen Los said...

    So glad I found your blog. I love it and am excited to follow along in your journey. My husband and I want to do international adoption however we aren't 25 yet and most countries require you to be that age. So we are looking forward to the day when we can start that process. But in the mean time I am enjoying so much reading about others experiences!
    God bless you, your family, and soon to be new little one!

    Linds said...

    Love the shirts! Found you from the Holt Forum!

    Justin and Angie said...

    Great shirts! My blog is:

    Julie said...

    I'm enjoying reading your blog...your story. We're also with Holt, waiting on travel to bring our baby girl home. I've added you to my blog list (friend) on my site, am following you with blogger and here is my blog:

    God's blessings on this most amazing journey!!

    momintraining said...

    Love your shirts and would love for you to visit our blog at! Best of luck on your adoption journey!

    Carin said...
    I am also adding you as a friend :) We are also adopting from Holt from Ethiopia! We are waiting to begin our homestudy once they call us!! Love your shirt! I may just have to buy one and then if I win one my husband will have one too! Blessings and hope to stay in touch! In Him, Carin

    Carin said...

    Also, you say the women's shirts run small--how small? What is the brand name of the tshirts? I so love them!
    In Him, Carin

    Anonymous said...

    I LOVE this shirt. We are a family of 6 but we can't wait to bring our little girl home and make it 7! I posted about your family and this give away at
    I also added you to my list of adoption blogs! We will add your family to our list of adoptive families we are praying for each day!

    Jennifer said...

    Please sign me up! Love your T's.

    I also added you on my blogroll - it's on my blogs sidebar.

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