Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Large and White

If you're looking for a large and you want it to be white, then you've come to the right place!!  
I was able to reorder some Ladies Large t-shirts in White!  Just remember that the Large fits like a Medium....it's what I wear, if that helps any. :0)  And maybe when I sell some more of the other sizes I can get some variation for the rest of you too!  
How's THAT sound?  
okay, good.
when you're ordering make sure to click on the pull-down buttons to see other sizes.


missy said...

love the shirts. what color is the print on the white shirt? is med. the only size you have in brown for women?

Kendra said...

I wrote back to Missy, but I guess I should let it be known that the white shirts (which are being printed now) will have the same ink color as the sand shirts (it looks REAL sharp! And there are more sizes in the brown...you just need to use the pull-down tab to see them. :0)

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