Friday, May 7, 2010

Lukey, you're not a baby anymore

My youngest just had his 7th Birthday--and because we have been calling him a seven-year-old for awhile now it didn't seem to phase me so much.  And who does that?  Who makes their baby bump up a year in the last few weeks before he turns another year?  Lesson goes too fast already.
This party was titled an UN-POOL party because little Luke wanted the same cake he had when he was four--a swimming pool extravaganza with slides and kids made out of fondant  Lucky for me I had kept the fondant items just in case, but I never really intended to make the same cake again.  
Luke also thought he should have his party at the pool since we were going with the theme (he's only ever had his Birthdays at home--which we usually have inflatables at, so it's all good:0).  I agreed that the pool would be fun, but we would have to limit the numbers due to cost.  He couldn't bare to NOT have all of the family members of his friends there (good thing as the cake is pretty cumbersome), hence the UN-POOL party.  And because of the cold and rain we weren't able to have the park day we were dreaming of, so at home it was again!  I hope he knows he's loved regardless. :0) 

This is Luke and his best friend, Jevon.  His mom and I were friends before kids and these two have been been just like brothers since babies.  So sweet. Jevon is reading his Birthday card to Luke.

Happy 7th Birthday, my sweet Lukey!!! 

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JonesEthiopia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet note on my blog!! My girls are such amazing blessings, and sometimes it is hard to keep the focus on all the good, you know?

Oh, and I'm curious. You said you saw my blog listed on the Holt forum? Could you explain what that means? (We didn't use Holt for our adoptions, although I have heard great things about them!)

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