Tuesday, April 28, 2009

back to work!!

The boys and I got back from Mitchell Sunday afternoon after sharing the weekend with my brother and his three kiddos, one of them newly turning six. Sadly I didn't get any pictures as my camera was being repaired by Sony after Luke dropped it. I'm hoping to get some of the shots I took with other people's cameras (hint hint). We came back to a clean house (thank you, Dic) and lots to do. Baseball is almost in full swing with lots of meetings and practices coming up. I spent several hours yesterday trying to line everything up for Zach's team (Dic will be head coach--but I obviously will be doing the dirty work) and then trying to coordinate all three boys' schedules. We agreed this will be the busiest two months of the year for our family, but we are going to put our happy faces on and enjoy every minute! :0) On that note, Luke's 6th Birthday and Dic's 43rd Birthday are on Saturday this week. So big plans for a fun pirate party! Arrgg! So now it's time to find all the pirate stuff...how come everything has a place until I'm looking for it...then it's gone! I'll be posting pictures shortly about that! Well......back to work I go!!

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