Thursday, April 23, 2009

new news

Look at this little cutie! This is my new baby niece, Mkenzie (they do NOT want her called Mac for short) and she came a month early, born Thurs. and weighing 5lbs. She is soooo sweeettt! Luke and I got to hold her today and we brought her big brother, Jace (almost 2) home with us to nap while his daddy celebrates with some golf!
We will be taking Jace with us tomorrow on our road trip to Mitchell for nephew, Brendan's, 6th Birthday--so excited to get the heck outta here! Dic has to stay home cause he has an electrical convention that his business is putting on. Good thing, cause we have soo many stink'n animals SOMEONE has to take care of them all. Our new little dog, Phoebe, is real sweet, but she has learned that the world doesn't end at our driveway.....and she's been running off. Did I need another one of "those" dogs? AND our male cat, Oliver, was always welcome in the house....until he showed us what he can do with his spray!!! Oh my gosh--if you've haven't smelled cat spray! So we moved all of his belongings to the garage. It's nice outside now. But then, low and behold.....he sprayed all over Dic's saw and the sheet rock on the wall. Needless to say, Dic is not happy and Oliver is now a .......hmmmm.....a field cat? Maybe he'll take up residency in the barn where our other cat and goats ended up.
The boys hadn't heard anything about baseball, so Dic checked up on the situation. Turns out the reason we haven't heard is because they don't have any coaches. So Dic is most likely coaching Zach's Bantam League team, helping with Cole's Minor League team, and I am coaching Luke's T-ball team. It's going to be a crazy couple of months I'm think'n!! It's hard to ditch baseball for a weekend to go camping with the fam. when you're the coach!
Luke's 6th Birthday is just a week away and we are planning a fun Pirate Party out in the yard (weather pleasssseee stay nice) with some inflatables to pass the time. We are in the process of brainstorming about the cake, sure to be great no matter what.
My new news will soon be old news.

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