Friday, April 17, 2009

Kids & Creatures.......

As promised.....I have recapped our adventures with our kids and all of our creatures with many photos.
The life of a Chiolis.......awwww bliss!
This was our Easter Musical at church called "Peter Cotton's Tale". It was such a great story and the kids did a great job. A big thanks to our sweet friend, Krisha, who always puts forward soooo much effort to put on a great show. Way to go everyone!
Zach is in the back on the left side with a white/peach-flowered shirt, Luke is on the right side in yellow, and Cole is down low in the orange shirt.

Cole had several speaking lines, and this is when he was singing his solo--I'm a proud mama--tears aflowing....again! (I actually had the part as Peter's mom and helped out with the singing. ;0)

This is our new little dog, Phoebe. Cole has been wanting a small dog for a few years and this opportunity just kinda hit me in the face. She is a Papillion, also known as a "Butterfly Dog" and she is 2 years old. We looked up other names for Butterfly on the net and came up with phoebes mantis, and so we all agreed on Phoebe (Phoebes). Guess what!?! A GIRL dog!!!! First thing I did was buy her a pink collar, pink leach, pink name tag, and a pink sweater! Is this the closest I'm gonna get? :0)

Phoebe and Libby
(the one chick the boys let me name).

Luke & Zachary's ducklings taking a little bath.

Yes, they are ALL in the house.

Our own little indoor farm.

Sweet Lukey and one of the many chicks either brought by E. Bunny or purchased by me and my crazy kids!

Turkeys hanging out with turkeys. :0)

Can't leave the "old" critters out of the fun!
Good 'ole Smoke.

Zachary had to do a creative interpretation of the U.S. map. We baked a cake and frosted it (to perfection upon Zach's request). The mountains were chocolate chips.
Turns out some rotten little scoundrel in Z's class stuck his dirty little finger in and ruined it. He wouldn't fess up, but I told Zach he should ask him if it was yummy! :0)

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The Love's said...

I give you credit...I freaked out about 2 ducklings. I love the cake, too. You are a COOL MOM!

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