Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Order in the House!!

I hope I'm not making any heads spin with the constant background changes!
We had a nice Easter with lots of activity. On Palm Sunday the kids had a musical at church (pictures to come) that was a lot of fun and they worked so hard. And then Easter Sunday we went to church, followed by an Easter egg hunt indoors because of the weather. We had my family over for a ham dinner that afternoon. The boys got a few chicks from the Easter Bunny and then Grandma Sharon and Grandpa George brought them some turkeys and MORE chicks. The next day we went to the feed store to get Luke the one black chick he has been asking for and ended up purchasing 2 ducks and 7 more chicks (more pictures to come). Cole said "Mom, I don't know what happened to you in there!" I don't typically give in when I have my mind set. And I have put my foot down about the duck thing, as they make bigger, wetter messes. I'm not sure what happened either, especially since we just got a new little dog ( and yet more pictures) less than two weeks ago! Yep, I must be crazy! But I do have the kids helping me with the animals--I kinda gave them a break during most of the school year, but decided that if we're going to have all of these creatures I need some help....BIG HELP. And it's so nice in the mornings when they have chores---they seem to jump out of bed moving since they know they have things to do before they leave for school. They sure are more organized! Yeh! Some order in the house!

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