Monday, May 4, 2009

My Sweets is Six!!

Lukey had a pirate party......
so many fun things for this theme--we went all out!

The pirate crew--May 2nd is also Dic's Birthday
.....correction from my last post--he is only 42!! Whoops!

These are five of Luke's best friends
--Jevon, Caleb,Trey,Gabbie, and Wilam.

And the whole darn crew
--cousins and all.

Oh yes, and then there is the cake---it was going to be a very easy cake. I got an idea in my head and I really thought it would take less time then my others, but with exhaustion setting in from a couple of very busy weeks, I couldn't handle it when the first "ship" broke in two. Yes, I cried......a lot! And I can usually handle cake disasters, but I drew a blank and all I could do was cry. So I baked yet another cake and the ship became a boat and the pirate crew became a one-man team. I think it turned out okay, just not what I envisioned. But Luke assured me he would love it "no matter how bad it turns out". :0)

I love this sweet baby! Another year has gone by that means that next year he will be in Kindergarten and more importantly in his mind......he will get to be part of Kids Club at daddy's work (we keep trying to tell him he IS ALREADY part of Kids Club, but he has his mind set). Five years seems to be the end of baby-hood, but I don't think the chubby cheeks will ever go away. Yeah! The past year has been a really good/challenging year with this inquisitive, strong-willed, free-spirited little boy. The boy who wants to be called Jesus (he is still saying that when he's an adult he's changing his name--and he really has cried when I tell him that's not the way it works), this child of mine who uses demands and sarcasm in just about every sentence, the little man who loves God like he's seen Him in person. When I was kissing him goodnight, he said,

"Mom this was the best Birthday I've ever had!!
Happy Birthday, my Lukey!!
A couple of short stories from the Lukester:
As we drove in the car this morning he said, "Mom how will I find your house when I'm a grown up?
We took his friend, Wilam, to lunch with us today. In the car ride home the boys were talking about Heaven. Luke said, "God is up in the sky". So Wil said, "Yea, and Jesus is down there", which Luke quickly corrected and told him that Jesus is with God in Heaven. Luke added, "Yes, remember how Jesus is dead? He died with nails in His hands and feet." There was a pause and Wil responds, "Well, that's sad". I laughed out loud. Love how they see things.

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