Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1st Camping Trip of the Season

We normally don't do Memorial weekend due to rain, but thought we'd try it......yep, it rained! Lots of wet shoes, wet socks, wet pants up to the knees. But yet time together away from worries and stress.

We got this hike in, in-between showers.

Dic and Cole having some father-son time--
love the trail through the trees.

Zachie decided after a short time to go back and get his bike---
he had a blast bounc'n 'round on the trail.


We found them hiding here.

LOVE this picture!
Luke was forever bringing me flowers throughout the weekend.
Look at those dirty little fingers.

This is something new for Phoebe. I'm pretty sure she never got to leave her old house. When we first got her, we would let her out of the car and she would run in all directions...and not come back!
Pretty sure she hadn't even taken car rides and I know she had never been on a leash at 2 years old. She is lov'n life now. She had a great time running and playing with the kids and Smoke.
Isn't she cute?


Luke was in charge of the camera---
me and Phoebes

I know I look REAL happy--
after many pictures!

Heading back after a fun hike. Everyone was very tired...dogs included.
The sign shows our favorite campground--

Beautiful, green scenery everywhere--
fog and mist were with us all weekend.

The entrance to our "happy place".

Look how green the grass is--
that won't last long.
I wanna go back!

Cousin Haley and Zach on our last, stormy night. Good night for hot chocolate and popcorn...and whatever else we could find! The newly- renovated camper got lots of action. I am soooo grateful!

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