Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March--a time for giving..........

well, here it is March, Christmas is long gone...and i'm thinking we need to be giving more. people are in need all the time, but this is the typical time we focus on them. it isn't just important to give those who are so desperately in need physically, but also to remember them emotionally and in prayer. and in our homes....where we think we are all so safe--are we taking care of each other? are we taking the time to listen to each other, to embrace one another, to just be present? sometimes i wonder if i were being tested.....how would i rate? it worries me.
sooooo........with much thought i want to make some changes and do things differently. we get stuck in such a rut, especially in the winter when we are stuck indoors so often. we turn to the TV, the computer, the WII games, and loose sight of the importance of being together. i watched an inspiring taping of Oprah yesterday. families were asked to give up the things they could survive without--for just a week. one family was asked to give away the "things" they didn't need. the mom was in tears when she realized how another family desperately needed many of her things that she was basically just storing. i was touched....cause i've been there. we did it this past christmas, giving so much to families in need. they were soo appreciative and we didn't miss a thing.
it's time to get back to basics. our kids are at perfect ages to teach them the value of money, that we as a culture are soo very spoiled and ungrateful, and that we don't have to be this way. we are over-indulged....we are so lucky and yet we always want more. i want more. i'm not an angel. i want us to have nice clothes, and my house furnished and decorated, and to own a nice car. it's hard to let go. so we start with baby steps. we've done it before. not to say that we've ever had lots of money, but we've survived. we can do some things to make a difference.
i'll keep you posted on the brain-storming ideas that we decide on, like; turning off the computer for a week, turning off the TV for a week, and no video games for a week. we've already talked about actually saving some of the money we earn, kids included, and giving some back to God, in whichever way that may be. if any of you has any amazing ideas or things you've tried--let us know. we're up for challenges (of course i'm speaking for all of us right now)--we'll give it a shot!
we are trying to be better at spending time with God and in the word and we can always use your prayers. here's to doing the best that we possibly can as a family.

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Karen said...

I have an idea! :) Sell it all and live on the road...wink...;) It's amazing how little one really needs, refreshingly amazing. Freedom. We have so much available for others, now; spiritually and otherwise. Thinking of you and loving you always...

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