Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Beautiful Son

We were called in for a conference with Cole's teacher and this is what she showed us---with lots of tears, mind you. :0) My sweet sweet boy and the love in his heart........

by Cole Chiolis 2/19/09-age 10
Sometime I want to meet the Lord Creator of Heaven and of Earth. I think that would be cool because He created the whole world here and He provides everything for us; water, food, clothing, pets, and every thing you think about.
Some day all of us will get to see Him, I hope. In years to come all of us will go to Heaven. After all, He is the Creator of Heaven and of earth. Come on, you have to admit you want to go to Heaven, don't you?
I hope in all my years to come I'll get to see everything I want to see before it's my time to go, and do what I want to do in my life before I have to go. In the beginning of my story I said I want to meet the Lord, but I don't want to meet the devil...the ugly devil. I mean I don't want to meet the devil when I die. I want the Lord to be pleased with who I am--not angry for who I am.
I hope you're taking advise right now, because if you are I'm giving you an important life lesson right now. In your life do what you want to do. Just make the Lord happy, not mad. You have a good life to live....nothing more. Live it right. Make the Lord happy with who you are.
In your life you have a lot to live for--I hope you live it wisely. Make the Lord proud of who you are--not mad of who you are. I sure hope He's proud of me and I hope it's the same for you.

Oh, He's proud of you, Coley. He's proud.


Anonymous said...

Honey, you had everybody here at work in tears. I showed some that you did not include on your mass mailing and they all came to tears. I am a very proud Dad as well.
Love you

MOMof3Boyz said...

We love him!! What a special boy. What great parents that a training a little guy that LOVES JESUS!!
For a little guy with all those big beautiful meaning words you bet GOD is PROUD
Love me

Susan and Chad said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet one. Definitely misty eyed here. Very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

this is great! Love you boys.


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