Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today is turning out to be a day that I can't wait to get through.............
The lack of sleep is beginning to come down on me and some things are mounding up--emotions soon to burst, I think.
Lukey complained of some pain last night and I think I've diagnosed him with a UTI--which I've had and know can be terribly painful if left untreated. With that being said, most people know I will not be running in to the Dr. anytime soon (unless it be my chiropractor :0)), which leaves me to fend for myself in any natural way possible. Soooo... I have the knowledge that cranberry juice cleans out the kidneys and is a good preventative, but as it says on the internet, I'm afraid it won't cure a full-blown infection. Dic ran to get 100% cranberry juice and I administered probiotics (natural antibiotics--which won't kill every good bactreia in the system while trying to get the bad), and also gave him some echinacea. He awoke this morning with a smile and no pain. That problem seems to be conquered (only lots of lost sleep worrying).
THEN......our cat, Oliver, came to us with a hurt paw on Sunday, which I have been using tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect. No worries until it started to smell and we knew it was infected and he began foaming at the mouth (more like bubbly drool). So I called the vet to see when we last updated his rabies vaccs. Oh....hmmm.....really, never got rabies vaccs.? OMG!!! So we begin to worry that he indeed been bitten by a rabid skunk or raccoon, or whatever may be lurking about. I took him to the vet this morning and he has blisters in his mouth that could be causing the drooling. And the cause? Well, could be any of three things: kidney problems (may have lapped up something caustic), celitis ( a fatally infectious disease), and then there's the rabies thing. So we are administering antibiotic (after I refused x-rays and blood-work) twice a day and hoping he gets better. But IF he should "pass away" we have been instructed to bring him in to be tested. And IF he should have rabies our entire family will have to go to the doctor to have the battery of "whatever" done to us to see if any if us has contracted it.
NOTE TO SELF: from now on get all animals properly vaccinated to avoid further complication and worry/stress.
Last VERY BIG weight on my heart today.........
Our lead pastor at our church has resigned as of yesterday. I am just hoping that he knows how much we all love him and will support him through everything. God must have something else in mind for him, and for us, and will strengthen all of us through this pain. The Chiolis family is praying for you and your family and your church, Pastor Eric!!
Have faith.

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