Thursday, February 26, 2009


they sure are fun and they're the center of my world--but the challenges seem like they bust that peaceful-precious door in every day. i love 'em...... with all my heart......and they make me smile. but each one with his own personality makes me wonder.......makes me ponder......what the heck am i doing as their mom? each one going through his own "thing" at ages 10, 8, and 5. things i've never seen before in the others.....things i hope i never see again. :0) so for now i probably should be reading with lots of prayer. luke with his built-in sarcasm that makes me cringe, the short fuse and attitude from zachary, and weird behaviors that cole is experiencing.
i am so thankful they are
we ask God each night to take care of those who aren't. zach prayed tonight for a baby sister (not my idea, surprisingly). luke told God how much he appreciates him for taking care of us. and cole cherished the beautiful day He brought our way.
so through it all we have three incredible boys with some little issues--i can deal with that. we are on a journey, that's for sure. we will live it and love as we go.
Lord, please give me strength.....
and always,
~i will be grateful~

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