Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We spent an evening with some of our favorite people in the world.......the Habbes!! Once upon a time I answered an add in the paper for a part-time child-care provider and the rest is history. When I started taking care of these wee ones---Ben was 5 (now 21), Breanna was 3 (now 19), Eric was 2 months (now 16), and Collee was soon to come (now 13). It seems like yesterday and I loved them just like they were my own. The mama (Brenda) and papa (Don) are what I consider to be the best parents on the earth and I have taken so much from them that I use everyday with my kids. I am constantly trying to unlock Brenda's "secrets to parenting" in hopes that our kids will be as sweet as theirs. :0)

They will always have a special place in our hearts and we will always see them as family.

Brenda, Bre and Don Lukey, Ben and Zachie
Collee and Eric
Loving our friendships and cherishing our FAMILY.....

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Brenda said...

Ah, Kendra you make me cry! First I see us included in all your blog stuff and then I get to hear about the story of the boy and his calf. You inspire us all.
I don't know what i ever did to deserve you, but I'm sure glad as we all are, that you answered that ad. You are doing an amazing job and don't let
anyone tell you different. Your love shines through in everything you do, and that's most of it. Love you guys all sooo much. Take care. Brenda

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