Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sharing the Love

We were blessed this Christmas with family, friends, lots of giving and celebrations of Jesus. We came across the story of the original St. Nicholas (also known as Bishop Nicholas) who began giving his fortunes of gold to those in need. We tried to tie this (gift-giving) with Christ's Birthday by remembering how the three gifts were given to Him. Each gift the boys received symbolized either Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh. I got this idea from a friend and we loved it..... A new tradition!Clay, Jessilyn, Adriana, & Jace at my Grandma Sue's sweet little table (we sat here at her house when we were little :0) on Christmas night.
The boys enjoying their "wine" --fine dining at it's best!
Kim and Shayna hav'n a little dinner.Mom and Dad--and some strange Star Wars character! :0)
Man we were spread all over the house--can't ever have too many tables!And a little bit of dancing!!
We shared our Christmas eve with Dic's family----
fun times with cousins....

Little Karsyn and her new baby.

Dic and the boys made me the best blanket a mama could ever want--that's where we cuddled up and read stories.

This was the first stress-free Christmas I remember and I believe it's because we kept it Christ-centered instead of giving in to the busy-ness. I gave up on the Christmas cards for now--(maybe something will go out a different time???) Our family enjoyed this holiday more than ever. :0)
We are truly grateful for our time with our loved ones.......
even if most of it was spent playing the new Wii!!!!! Ha!

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