Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What AM I Doing?

I'm having a bit of a revelation this Christmas............

I have been trying for a couple of years to scale back, make Jesus (not Santa) the focus, which, of course, is the way it should be. But it becomes quite confusing and chaotic (in my head) at times when I try to keep up traditions we have followed for a lifetime and created with our kids---and at the same time I just want to keep it simple and give God all the glory for giving us His son to celebrate. I keep saying "it's not about us" and then I think of something else I really want to give my kids. I AM simplifying--in fact, tonight we gave Luke the option of having his own room for awhile and the big boys will "room" together. He was super-excited......until he found out the big boys were bunking their beds! But we had already made the transition, so that was that. In this huge process I called the three of them together to look at all of their toys and suggested we give a few away--to cousins, friends, and the less-fortunate babes in town. You can't even believe the stack we came up with! A fresh start.......maybe that's what I was needing to clear my mind and get back to the reason for Christmas. Our kids ask why we give gifts to each other on Jesus' Birthday and I've always said that we are celebrating Him and His love for us and for each other. And the more I ponder and pray about it I think that gifts are not necessary. Being together--- reading stories, baking cookies, singing carols, and just being present with each other is the most important thing. That is how Jesus would have celebrated His Birthday. Soooooo.........embracing those in need and loving on them is what we will do. We have some things scheduled for the next couple of weeks with our friends from church to do just that. And although we will still be giving gifts this year we will also be remembering those who go without--and hopefully they will feel our prayers and have a sense of calm and peace, even for just a day. That's all I can hope for this Christmas. And I wish for my little boys that they will open their hearts to have love and compassion for all of God's children all over the world. It can't get any better than that for a mom who is every day questioning if she's doing a good job.

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