Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nothing Like Giving!

Our group of singers made a joyful noise in the spirit of Christmas. A fun time was had by all..... Heck, we may even make this an annual event! We visited an assisted living facility, a nursing home (where my Grandma Jo resides), and the rescue mission (no picts, but the resident-men were having a difficult time deciding whether to watch the football game on the big screen, or listen to us sing). We had a great audience at each place.Baby Finley hugg'n on the Christmas bear.......the facilities had the greatest Christmas figures, except for, and very ironically the one that sang "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"! Real nice, huh?
Matt couldn't help himself!!
My sweet Gram after we sang to her. She was singing, but didn't stop eating the whole time. :0)
It was a such a great feeling to see familiar faces finally light up when they heard the sweet music (I thought it was sweet anyway) :0).
God is good!

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Jason said...

Thanks for setting this up Kendra. We had a nice time and it makes us STOP and think about how lucky we are.
~ Sonja

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