Friday, June 3, 2011


wondering if dinosaurs "come alive" when in the statue-state

The beginning of the week we ventured out for the first time since school got out. 
 We had fun. 
 I plan to have more of these days...
many many more. 
 See here what it looked like.

you can see THAT dinosaur from all over town!

LOVE this one of Zachie--I spent several days here every year of my life.

my mom has pictures of me and my siblings just like this

never too old for  this :0)

flesh-eating dinos!!

he can't keep from smiling while he's being eaten alive!  Good Times!

OBVIOUSLY we went to Dinosaur Park.......
Aregash's first time and she wasn't quite sure if the dinos would move at any given second.  
So we played with this a lot.  
It was fun.  
She had fun.  
We giggled and giggled and she wants to go back and take daddy.
Soo happy summer is finally HERE! 

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Sharon said...

I really enjoyed your dino videos :) She is so precious. My husband is nagging that you need to update your blog banner and title!!!!

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