Monday, June 27, 2011

t-shirts for baby Ghana

sporting our shirts in muscat, oman!!!

 i've been waiting for god's sign.......his direction as to where my left-over t-shirts could help.  i had it in my head from the first day that i wanted to help someone else the way that we had been blessed throughout our adoption.  well, a couple of weeks ago we attended a ugandan children's choir at a local church.  when it was over, the gal sitting in front of us turned around and asked if we had adopted aregash.  when i answered she said that they were waiting for their baby boy from ghana, africa to come home.  we talked for quite awhile and i felt an instant connection.  we even talked about the financial aspect and i suspected that this was it.  i had been feeling like the family i could help would be someone local who i could have a lasting friendship with and our kids would be friends.  i offered my shirts and she accepted with a few tears.  i can see a blossoming friendship.  if you'd like to follow their story you can visit her blog here.  and if you'd like to purchase a shirt to help their little man come home you can just purchase them on my blog page and all of the proceeds will go back to them.  you can even see a picture of this sweet boy on her page (very different from ethiopian adoptions where the child cannot be shown until the embassy appt is over).  they also have a "chip in" button if you just want to donate monies. :0)

front of shirt

back of shirt
the remaining sizes ad colors are listed on the right side of this page......this is all that is available at this time.  
let's do this friends!!!!


Brenda said...

I visited the blog of your new friend and am amazed at how God is such an awesome conductor of our lives. He orchestrates the events in our lives in just the right timing. It is very evident why He brought the two of you together. Thanks for sharing in your adventure of adoption and being honest and real.

The Runyans said...

i LOVE your t-shirts! I have no idea how I found your blog. . .but is your t-shirt designed for a mom and dad and 3 boys and 1 girl??? Wow. We have 2 boys and we are adopting a boy and a girl! LOVE THEM!!! We are wanting to come up with a tee of our own, but I can't get the idea quiet right!!
prayers being sent to your way right now.

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