Monday, June 20, 2011

content in cuteness......

so far our summer has consisted of baseball, baseball, and more baseball.

at storybook island.....our childhood past-time

 and this is what what we resort to for nap-time.  a good piece of to a garbage can at (you guessed it!) the baseball game.

she's not really sleeping

after-game happiness--yep, we won at the last minute

and in the few moments we get between games and  rainy days we work on this a little bit

our beautiful walkway in our backyard

and then we stop for a pose

in the strawberry patch

and sometimes we just find one.......a strawberry

but why are they soo tiny?  the strawberries, i mean.
feeling soo happy and content and grateful this particular monday.


Sherry Beck said...

You amaze and inspire! What a beautiful life.

Deena said...

You are right...lots of "cuteness!"

Tara said...

She is just the cutest, blessings to you!

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