Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh, sorry....were you talking to me?

I'd love to partake, it's too stink'n cold

I am posting today because for the first time in about a month, the sun is shining.  The temp is creeping up on 65 degrees and my mind feels clear for once.  It has been soo gloomy and I tend to get those gross winter blues just like my gramma (she took medication.....I just  yell a lot).  I can blame it on the weather, right?  And the sleep.  The sleep hasn't ever been good for ever. 
 Growing up I needed more than the usual child and there came a point when my parents just stopped letting me sleep cause they thought I was being lazy.  Let's blame them.  So I then have children, and they still don't sleep through the night.  Two out of three boys wander the house in the night.  If it's not the kids waking me up it's the dreams (or the night-terrors when I'm exhausted---yes, it can still happen when you're a big girl).  So I'm tired.

Another FIRST for Aregash--sledding

We have this new little toddler in the house now and although she's really sleeping well, I'm not used to having to get up in the night to go to my kids...they always come to me.  Last night she broke a fever a few times and called for me (great sign of bonding, by the way).  
So I'm just a little sleepy.

helmet on, but she hated the ride

And I want to take the time now to say that I haven't been a very good listener.  I pride myself on being there for my friends.  I haven't done a real great job lately.  You may not know it, unless I happen to ask about something you just told me in detail.....I know, sad.  I remember feeling this way most of my life.  
I've always been tired. 
 So I'm apologizing now to all of you who had something important to'll probably have to repeat it.

our infinite sledding grounds--love that i don't have to leave the house to watch

The sun is shining today and I can see the "light".  I'm hoping this is the last of the snow and the doom-n-gloom. 
I do promise to start focusing a little lot better....regardless. aren't the only ones I've neglected......
God's gotten the short end too.
Tomorrow I'll do better.
I promise.

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