Monday, March 7, 2011

Fasting for Ethiopian adoptions (and other adopting countries too)

Ethiopian adoptions are having some hard times right now.  I have been thanking God MORE that we brought Aregash home when we did.  Things are soo uncertain there right now and rules are being pressed to ensure the safety and well-being of adoptions here, but in the meantime these kiddos could be in care in orphanages and care centers all over the country while they wait to be with their families who are longing for them.  Time is ticking away and every second means that more lives will be lost.  Please join me and LOTS of other people from all over the world while we fast for Ethiopian adoptions on 
I got the idea from THIS BLOG
 This is also the blog that has asked for clothing for the Street Boys in Uganda. 
 There is going to be a wedding.....of two sweet people who are following God's calling doing missionary work there.  They are inviting about 200 boys to their wedding and are asking for donations of dress shirts and ties.  This will be an amazing gift for these children.  Time is running out to send them as the group is leaving soon, but you can still take action if you feel the desire.  I have mine all packed and ready to go. 
Here is the address: 

Southside Community Church
PO Box 69
Cocolalla, ID 83813
Attn. Go Uganda April 2011

Join God's name.

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