Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Give Me Faith

we happened to stop by grandpa and grandma's house last weekend.  
shayna was there visiting too.
story-time was pretty cute.

 cousins at a family picnic at the park last weekend. 
 cousin dustin was in town so we celebrated.  
it was 55 degrees and windy....
not so much picnicking weather, 
but we had fun.

dic's side of the family

our big hike up "m" hill, which looks over our little city.  
beautiful weather called for happy family,
 more time at the park, 
and ice cream......mmmm. it.

seriously....control your dog. :0)

biggest brother...little sister

 "don't worry, i won't let you fall". 
 luke tells me all the time how happy he is to have a little sister.

from the top of the city looking down. 
 they're sitting on the big M.
 it was created by college students from our local technical school--
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.  
Ever heard of it?

life is good.
there have been many emotional days for this mama.
if you can imagine (many of you can) the love for a child across the world,
bringing that child home and all that it entails for her and her new family.
it's been hard.
but then I learned an important lesson.
i have raised three great boys thus far......
i can do this.
i will break through the gray line of adoption rules and wondering if i could damage her by doing something wrong,
and just parent her
 the way i parent them.
parenting them hasn't been easy either.
but it's worked.
she will be fine.
i will be fine.
they will be fine.
life is good.
thanks again to He who brought us thus far.
we are blessed.
i am a grateful mama.
thank you Jesus.
i am still looking to you.
please give me faith.
please give me faith.
please give me faith.


Hopper family said...

Hang in there Kendra! Throw some of those "rules" out... momma knows best! Everything will all fall into place, it just takes time. (soon enough you'll be begging to get back on that crazy adoption train all over again!)

You're doing awesome!

Deena said...

Hang in there Kendra!!!! You are so right that we have to go with our guts and that we already know how to "parent" - you're doing a great job!
She is just so darn cute!!!! Her eyes are amazing- and her joy is shining through them...

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