Wednesday, November 30, 2011


it was my middle babe's 11th birthday a couple of weeks ago.
 time to share some pictures of this beautiful handsome boy!
  zachary daniel

he's a Steelers fan.......the purple shoulda been black, but he was pleased.

he is eleven years old.
 my smart, witty, friendly, funny. goofy, outgoing son.

school and sports friends over for  spaghetti dinner

my boy who loves jesus and soaking up the bible.

friends, siblings, and cousins helping celebrate
who has a compassionate heart.

he's a math whiz like his daddy. 

Wii time

and has freckles like his mama.

breakfast treat--non-sugar blueberry muffins made with love

our sweet boy blessed my world 11 years ago.
 thank you god for choosing me to be his mama.

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Shannon- said...

I'm just getting caught up on your blog and realized you daughter is Wolayta!! So is my son. We should compare notes on kebele's, districts and whatnot. I have yet to find his places on any map, other than district- Damot Sore. Drives me nutty.

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