Saturday, November 19, 2011

~Shoe-Shopping~~~~~with LOVE~

More things to shop for this Christmas......
because someone needs shoes. 
No, not another pair.....
someone REALLY TRULY needs shoes....
so that the bacteria-filled, danger-awaiting-soil doesn't damage their precious feet.  
Our boys put their heads together and saved some money to "give back to God" and THIS is what they did with it.  
You can do it too.  
I know this's legit.
  click the picture....
DONATE (bottom of page) $10.00 and put in notes "shoes".
$10.00 not only provide the shoes for someone in desperate need, but it also gives someone a job to earn a living that they wouldn't have otherwise.
i soooooooo love this!

EKUBO Ministries
 You can read more about it and many other items made for sale 
in Uganda to help this family's ministry..

 i will keep posting more ideas.....
 believe me,

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