Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three months ago our family became complete because of FAITH.....Aregash Faith.

three months ago today we finished the last leg of our journey.  
she is home.  
she is with us.  
she is a part of our family.  
we are in love.  
we are complete.  
we are blessed.

our family is now complete because of FAITH.
Aregash FAITH Dejene Chiolis

~she is the missing piece to our puzzle.
and we are hers~


C and M said...

beautiful : )

missy said...

love it!

Jennifer said...

She has such a bright, joyful smile...and it gave me reason to smile today too!

love said...

i was searching for something in my archives when i found this post.

remember when you won that and it was just a dream at that point? now...your little girl is home. i love it. so happy for you all.

Kim said...


The Tiny Team said...

Amazing! We just turned in our adoption application last night! Love seeing other families blessed by adoption!


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