Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Updated Picture...or 2 :0)

We are home, we happy, and we are tired.  WE haven't had a toddler around the house (other than nieces and nephews) for awhile now.  We are re-living the melt-downs, tantrums, drama....you name it.  With the language barrier it makes it that more difficult, but we are excited to see what comes of it all.  Teaching boundaries, and learning more of God's grace each day.  Here are some recent pictures of Aregash.  
She's still REALLLLL cute!

 YES...she's dressed!!

 Our first outing to Target :0)

Things tend to get a little lot ugly sometimes.....it's not always peachy, but we're working on it.  The boys were trying to help us get her jammies on.  She is REAL particular about what happens to be ON the jammies (clothes) like flowers...not such a big fan. 


Shonda said...

Oh wow - she's beautiful. And I love the fit over the flower on her jammies ... been there, done that :)

Deena said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Her eyelashes are amazing! Hang in there. It will get better. The drama may continue though ;) We still see lots of pouting, but now we just say "no pouting..." and things seem to end. We waited awhile before we started actually using our "crying chair" but when we did, it worked great. I can't imagine all of the thoughts going through their little minds. Sweet little princesses, aren't they? Love the pics...thanks for sharing an update!

missy said...

praying right now for everyone as you all adjust, especially your dear aregash. i remember those first two months feeling so overjoyed at our family being together finally, but also overwhelmed by how different life was. and we had a baby not a toddler in the house! what a beauty she is!

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