Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Happy

I finally got the Valentine shot--
not exactly what I was hoping for, 
but they're all pretty stink'n cute, huh?

Today I announced that I am taking the big leap and I'm giving up Face Book for awhile...on my own, without any's ALLLLL me!  And It makes me happy.  I also changed my status on the adoption forum I am a part of so I don't get 100 emails a day.  It's time to give many things more attention.....including my husband, my boys and my sweet baby girl.  I have been on this computer almost non-stop for as long as I can remember.  First I researched the agencies, then I joined adoption groups, then I began selling t-shirts to help pay for our adoption expenses, and then there is that darn Face Book.  It's been a great tool, a super sounding-board, a place for lots of love and support on this longggg journey we've been on.  But I am ready to step away and pretend the computer is just a computer (kinda like a dog is JUST a dog :0).  I will continue to journal here and add pictures when I get them and tell stories about our transitioning.  But, I will NOT be held prisoner any longer!!  Just jok'n...I did it to myself. :)  So please hang in there and if you don't usually comment cause you do it on Face Book....well, pull up an account and let's talk (or YOU talk and I'll listen. :0)  The sun is shining today. The laundry is getting done.  And I feel happy.  

Valentine Drama
 some were feeling the love....
some were not.

 she's screaming...
if you can't tell.

 now she's laughing.  
wundim (brother) cole!!! 
she loves him.  
and it's reciprocated.

 i'm pretty sure he never got the smackers. 
in fact,
i think he's still trying. :0)

We are starting to feel the "groove" of things in our house again.  Aregash is understanding more English, while she teaches us every day.  I have had some good talks (which I know she only understand parts of) about how we act when things don't go our to say "No, Thank you"...or in her case "No, Tank-you", which is equally accepted :0) when she doesn't like something instead of "Blech"...... how when Mommy puts the mounds of conditioner in your hair we don't want to rinse it out right away--"Mommy does it", I always say.  So, there is a lot of learning and a lot of teaching going on in this house right now and it's working.  Sometimes the melt-down is inevitable and I have seen that it just has to run it's course without intervention.  And the patience I prayed for for years is finally paying off (that's cause it's finally happening...the patience part, the praying part is continual).
It isn't a cake walk, but nobody said it was gonna be.
And I'm sure I'm still going to have "those days".......
but now there have been a couple that have been pretty good.
And I'm happy.


Shonda said...

Oh, she is beautiful! I have a computer addiction. I know I should probably go to daily digest on the Holt board (and others) ... but I just can't!!!! :)

So, update your blog often friend! Many congrats that your wait is finally over! I had thought mine was, and then it started over ... geesh!

momintraining said...

I am so glad that you are happy! Makes my heart sing! I will definitely miss your posts on facebook, but it is by far the right thing to do. Looking forward to getting to that place myself some day! Will definitely look forward to seeing your blog posts, pictures, and updates!

Deena said...

Gread idea about fb...I rarely use it and it feels good- it also helps that I can post on my blog to keep in touch and document our journey. So happy to hear that things are going well :) She looks very happy! Hang in there (and PLEASE email me when things stink- and they may)!!!!
Have a great day!

SaraLyons said...

Beautiful family! Its so great to see everyone so happy:)

creation lovin' garden gal said...

I've had so much fun following your blog! I love all of the pictures - the happy and the sad! :-) I love hearing about your journey and the process you are now going through teaching this precious child things she hasn't learned yet and in a language she can't fully understand yet. Praying for you all! PS - I left FB many months ago and haven't looked back! :-)

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