Friday, November 5, 2010

Adoption Shirts & Necklaces for Christmas......Buy them here!!

As most of you know, we are adopting the most beautiful 2-year-old girl in the world from Ethiopia.  We have a picture, or two and that's all we know about her looks, but we see love and tenderness, and joy, and hope in her eyes.  And her smile.....awwww!--you've never seen one like it before (except she looks an awful lot like her new brother Lukey :0)!  And her bushy eyebrows match those of our oldest and her daddy.  She will fit right in.  She is healthy, and growing and we have been told she loves to listen to music on her nannies' cell phones.  She is lovable (of course), sociable, and likes to sing spiritual that!  She is from Wolayta, but was transferred to Holt's Care Center a couple of months ago where we will meet TWO WEEKS!!!  Yes, 2 weeks!!!  We have our court date November 24 and will be flying over a few days early.  We are soo excited!! And also emotional...and moody.  Okay--I am emotional and moody.  I did really well up until a couple of weeks ago.  I finally allowed myself to become emotionally attached.  I had to.  I have been reading lots about parenting internationally adopted children and I had to try to visualize how things may (or may not) be.  And then we got the updated pictures...after 5 months, so six months after her first picts were taken.  I have to say I had a melt-down.  She has grown soo much and looks much different then when we originally introduced to her via email.  I'm telling myself it's just the picture...they really weren't that great, but at least we'll have them for her Life Book.

I am sharing this tale again because I have the opportunity to post my Blog on some other websites that are advocating adoption through Christmas sales.  Check HEREHERE, and HERE to see!  And we have sooo many shirts left that I am hoping, praying for great things.  

Front Reads: I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:16

For the WHOLE family!

Men's sizes MAY come in either Mocha Brown or Chocolate Brown.

LOTSA Baby and Toddler sizes too.

And Youth...

AND my never-seen-before necklaces!!!!  I purchased these beauties from the Matsiko Children's Choir from Uganda.  We hosted these children a year ago and when they left our hearts were more open to adoption than ever.  I contacted the choir director and asked if we could help feed the people of Uganda by purchasing their creations, and he was so anxious to help us with our adoption as well.  Made by the men and women of Uganda.........

What you see is what I have left!

 You may choose from light or dark beads.

 Each animal is hand-carved wood--can you imagine the time and hard work?.

 My last selection of bone necklaces--last two left.
sorry, only ONE left....the white bone SOLD!
All necklaces are $15.

We would love to help you do your shopping this year and all the sales would go toward our journey.  It's what we're doing for Christmas!!  Yay for adoption!!  
Shirts and necklaces for Christmas.....YES!!!  
Shop away!! 
You can order through PayPal on the right side, or email me at to order by check or ask about sizing/fit.  
Thank you for your loving support this Christmas season!!!


Amy said...

Hi Kendra- I found your comment on my blog about putting your t-shirts on for sale. Wondering if you could send me a picture in an email and a description so it would make it a lot easier. Thanks so much. :) Amy
block amy at hot mail dot com

Chelsey said...

Hey Casey's sister! :) I follow HamptonFrbnksAK on twitter ;) - can't wait to read your blog & catch up ... how exciting that you are so close to meeting & bringing home your baby girl! Can't wait to read more! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Shonda said...

Kendra, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, feel free to post/link any or all of my random thoughts ;)

Love the t-shirts. As Christmas gets closer, I'll share your link as a Christmas idea. Congrats on your referral and travel SOON. I remember that excitement/nerves like it was yesterday!


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