Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Okay....We'll make time for Halloween.

Pumpkins carved, costumes on, parties attended, cookies made, and finally the trick-or-treating!  We made it through....even though this it is soooo hectic right now just trying to stay afloat while we get closer to our travels.  And as always.......LOTS of Pictures!! 

 do'n some bak'n with cousin Jace.


Two cuties with complete project.

 Big "Kid" party--Dic is on the right....remember Wayne's World on SNL??

 Me and my girl, Jill.

 this surprised me......this house was really creepy and Luke wanted to go to it.  He's easily spooked--look at the look on his face. :0)

 At the end of the night our "neighbor" from across the highway calls to say she has treats for the boys.  OF COURSE we'll go see Grandma Kathy!  The boys LOVE her.....so do I.

Now on to the next event......

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