Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, the leaves are falling, but we never had our fall season. It got really cold and it just never warmed up again...straight from summer to winter. The busy-ness started with the school/soccer season and as it hasn't stopped. Usually this happens about Halloween and goes straight downhill from there, but with the early chills came the premature craziness. Here is an example...our day yesterday (Saturday):
7:00--get up and ready for the day
8:00--make salad for church brunch
9:00-- chores and packing for entire day
10:15--prayer service at church
10:30--brunch for possible new pastor
11:30--Dic's church board interview with poss. new pastor
12:00--Luke's last soccer game
1:00--Zach's last soccer game
1:30--Luke's soccer pizza party
2:30--Zach's soccer party
2:45--home to get costumes on and faces painted
3:00--Uncle Clay picked up kids to take them to a Halloween/Birthday party
3:00--Devotional service at church with poss. new pastor
3:30--social at church
4:00--pick kids up at party
5:30--niece's Birthday party
7:45--headed to mom's to have her take care of boys for a couple of hours :0)
8:00--change of direction....heading home....with kids still dressed and painted from party and no dinner!
(We were planning to attend our good friends' 40th Anniversary party, but decided we couldn't handle one more thing.) we are resting.....after rising at 6:00 to be ready for worship practice at 8:00am for church at 10:00. Okay, NOW we're resting. :0) Now that soccer is over I am vowing to myself that we will have moments of rest through the winter. I don't do chaos very well and tend to want to pull my nice warm covers over my head and sleep instead. Dic and I think that we lead a pretty calm, simple life, but it has been pointed out that we follow this routine fairly often. So I may have to work harder at saying No when necessary. This is something I have to remind myself of every once-in-a-while. Tomorrow is going to be a good day, but I do have some things that are weighing on my heart and I would appreciate any prayers this week. My sister was given the news that she has thyroid cancer and is going in for surgery on Friday to have it removed. She has assured me that everything is/will be alright and she has felt peace about most of it. Also, my friend's son fell on his school steps and fractured a vertebrae which has really thrown her for a loop and, of course, put him in a lot of pain.. Her husband is deployed and she is doing what she and her partner usually take on together. I want to be a strong friend and sister and mom and aunt and daughter and wife and just need a little help right now. Thank you for your prayers during this Winter-ish Fall week. May God Bless my family and friends.

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The Love's said...

WHEW!!! I am tired from reading that! Our lives are crazy, but I can tell you that you are an inspriration to me. You are like a breath of fresh air, (since I only get to chat with you once in awhile, it is always SOOOO refreshing.) I hope the new pastor is going to work out AND I hope to chat with you soon.

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