Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

This first morning of school went rather well with all three boys completing chores and morning rituals at top-notch speed. I'm not so sure this has ever been done! :0) Cole is now in fifth grade with two of the best teachers you could ever imagine, (You should hear some of their stories about shark-bites and going to the moon--yes my kids believe them all). Zachary is in the third grade with one of the teachers he had last year (she is so sweet and patient and we LOVE her) , and he has a new teacher we will surely adore equally. You all know Luke's story, but one crucial tid-bit for his first day is that he chose to lay his mohawk down... to make a good impression, I suppose. :0)

This photo was right before he said, "Goodbye, Mommy!!", and I asked. "Don't you want me to come in for awhile?"(we have ALWAYS done this with the other boys). He answered with a big "Nah" that made my heart strings go weak. We walked in with him as the teacher explained some of the hallway rules. She then proceeded to encourage the kids to wave goodbye to their mommies and daddies. This is where the flood-gates opened. I don't think the tears have ever come soo easily without much thought. My sweet husband comforted his bawling wife as I entered my first day without one of my babies by my side.

At last!! I finally stopped driving endlessly and greeted my sweet boy--he missed me....I'm sure of it. :0) I may have picked up some chocolate to comfort us both. Dic and I, traditionally, take the boys out to lunch their first day of Kindergarten (Olive Garden was Luke's choice).

And a treat for the big boys too to celebrate the new school year. I'm excited for a routine, but will miss those fun summer days of wearing our jammies 'til whenever we like. Luke only goes one day this week for small groups, and then he returns again next Tuesday. You don't suppose I'll have to go through the same all over?!

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Amanda said...

We all knew this day was coming, and we know that it is for the best, and we know that it is all part of growing up, but why does it have to hurt so much?

Your boys all look so handsome. :)

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