Saturday, October 11, 2008

Proud Soccer Mom

Lukey (member of the Green-Gators) played soccer for the first time this fall and loved it--well, after the first game, anyway (he laid on the ground several times and cried--saying that he couldn't score a goal). By the end of the second game he was boasting about making 7 goals...all by himself...without anyone helping him. :0) Such a super-star!
Today is his last game and it's probably 30-35 degrees and rainy (even had some snow flurries last night), and we are suppose to bring treats. I'm just hopefully, patiently, waiting for the phone call that says we can stay home and drink hot chocolate!!

This is Zachary's 3rd year and he's
really pretty good. His kicks are hard (sometimes too much) and he's really aggressive. I think he'll stick with it for years to come. His bad mama deleted the cool pictures, but thankfully his coach's wife emailed this one to me.
And here is his team....
His coach did an amazing job with the kids. Every game he made a point to make sure they were having fun. And that's good when you sometimes have parents on the sideline seeing all of the mistakes. :0( I think they had a blast----thanks, coach! Yeh Panthers!

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