Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've been tagged by Amy: I'll do my best!

1. I played with dolls well into 7th grade... (made me a better mom, right?)

2. I tried out for the musical/movie "Annie" when I was about 8 years old. I already had the mom culed my hair up just like hers.....and our neighbor girl, interesting enough, had a perfect Annie get-up. So all I lacked was the outgoing personality. They asked me a question about what I wanted to be when I grew up: I just stood there... and stood there... and stood there. Nothing. My mom didn't go over that part with me.

3. I gutted my own antelope after I shot it--pretty much showing off for all the men in my family. Upon grabbing the testicles, (necessary for first cut) I believe I said something like, "Wow I've never touched these before!" Classic, huh?

4. I probably have more animals at my house than anyone else I know: 1 dog, 3 cats (1 in, 2 out...for the time being--free kitty... anyone?), 3 cockatiels, 5 lizards, 3 pigmy goats, 8 chickens, and 1 duck.

5. I once brought a baby chick back to life: Here's the story.....
Mama hen kept pushing egg out of nest--I pushed back in. I checked before bedtime that night and egg had been pushed out again and was FREEZING so I brought it inside. Baby was halfway out and not breathing. I put under a heat-lamp and rubbed (while I cried--thinking I should've done this to begin with) the baby until--at last--movement! Once it's feathers were dry I cut the cord from the egg and called him "LUCKY". I kept him in a check box on my bathroom counter for 2 weeks and when he'd hear me come he'd poke his head over the top. From then on we kept him in a birdcage (he'd swing just like a parakeet) and even when he was way too big for the cage he came to us (he'd come to the back door and peck on the glass) and we'd squeeze him back in. He eventually got soo big that it was time to add him to the other chickens. When the boys would play outside he would run up to them (yes, he ended up being a very large rooster) and scare them to screams. So we gave him to a nice family in Hermosa to breed their Barred Rock hens. They swore they'd never eat him. We wave every time we go by, even though that was years ago and he's probably long gone.....

6. I hated my freckles growing up and when I got old enough to wear makeup I applied it to make sure each of those little suckers was covered up! What changed my mind? Seeing super-models with freckles.

7. I love the Sound of Music:
Just watched it with my kids last night. Every song has meaning in my life. I think anything with music in it is great--I love watching High School Musical with my kids too. I'm a Julie Andrews wanna-be.

So probably some things you didn't need to know, but now it's YOUR turn. Share a story... come on...just one.

I only know so many bloggers...kinda new at this......and two have already been tagged--but, hey, I'm play'n right?







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Amanda said...

Very fun! Love the Annie story and the antelope story, LOL. I was just bragging to my husband on your behalf last night about your recent hunting experience. He was impressed!

Thanks for the tag. It may take me a couple of days, but I'll get it! :)

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