Monday, October 1, 2012

the happy days of fall

i flopped on my monthly posting.
september came and went. 
home schooling my kiddos has been great.
and this is usually how i look at things.....
if I can do it, anyone can. :) 

 my boys are happy (and aregash is tickled to have them home). 
they sometimes miss their friends, but i have assured them that the homeschooling community will be scheduling more activities soon.
 i chose not to participate in the co-op because i wasn't sure how overwhelmed i'd be.
 turns out it's not the thing that overwhelms me.....if anything, it has taken stress away.

you know....a leaf-angel :)

last week i was down in the dumps.....we've had something laid on us that was unexpected and painful, but obviously part of the big plan. 
of course, i am the one who takes things the hardest.....i don't let things roll off my back
the way my hubby does,
and they snowball.  
so for the last couple of weeks i've felt pretty depressed. 
this isn't always a bad thing for my kids. :)
and this is why.....

school only takes us around 2-2.5 hours each morning, so we have some time to play.
 and we have. 
last week we filled our week full of donuts and cookies and french fries and fountains. 
we spent our time outdoors in the beautiful fall weather 
and indoors ice skating with friends. 
 then we had some ice cream.....a couple of times. 
there was even a comment or two like this....
"i think this is the most sugar i've EVER had". 

and i've decided what makes me feel better is when my kids feel good. 
we have a blast together.
 they crack me up.
and i'm the coolest mom ever.
life is grand.
the blues will go away,
but we'll have each other

and when i feel like running
and hiding......

i think about this family of mine.
and how i love them.
and how they love me.

there hasn't been one ounce of regret 
about spending my every. single. minute. with them.

they soften this mama's heart,
which sometimes seems to harden.

they are happy days.

happy days of fall.


Tara Autumn said...

yay for being the coolest mom ever :) I have never thought of homeschool my kids, in a serious way, until this year; and i am a teacher! I have just been floored by what even our "good" schools do (or don't do)- Your jump into homeschool inspires me :)

Jill Funkhouser said...
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Jill Funkhouser said...

you are all so beautiful!
Hey I was just in the dumps as well...God's plans are always bigger. Not that I like them but he will carry us through. Praying for you...

Deena said...
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Deena said...

So sweet. I wish I was there to have some ice cream with you. I totally get the "hardened heart" thing. Thanks for the reminder to treasure my little treasures every chance I get. Let's talk soon...

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