Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All about Aregash

i told myself i was going to keep up better on my blog. i haven't done such a great job.  there are always soo many things to write about....good and bad.....it's sometimes overwhelming. 
 i have been encouraged again recently to write my story of adoption here and it's been rolling around in my head, but i think i'm ready.  although, not this post. :0)  sorry. 
this week is a busy one with aregash's birthday being on friday, and her party on saturday.  that's where my mind is right now.  
but i'll share a few updated pictures.  
everyone loves that....right? :0)

remember how i said i was going to get to the frames on the wall?  well, it's done. 
completed the end of january as i promised myself....
for aregash's forever family party we had with friends
 (which i still need to post about).  
and here is it. finally.

last weekend aregash and mommy had a girls' night out with my friend, lauren, and her daughter, eliza.  
we went to dinner and then to the disney on ice show. 
 a big first for aregash.  
she's always asking me for a "date night", but because i'm with her every day alone, she usually gets the last date.
i'm soo glad we did it.
she loved it!!!

all ready to go!!

the smile says it all

little mermaid is her favorite.....she's never seen the movie, but pretty excited about it.

peter pan...one of mommy's favorites from childhood

and then there's just a typical day of being creative. 
 she's quite the imaginative little one.
here she's telling Smoke not to knock over her beds that she built.

today.....it's all about pirates and legos
i love that she loves the boys' toys

"take my picture mommy!"

today we had to miss our MOPS group because zachary is home sick.  but it gives me a little extra time to work on the FROG cake aregash has been asking for for her birthday.  
coming up......a frog made from fondant.  
wish me luck!!

more stories next week.
promise. :0)


Bonnie Nieuwstraten said...

She is SO precious! And your date looks so fun! I know it's hard to make the time, but my Grace just glows when we get a "date." Keep blogging!!

Deena said...

She is soooo cute! I can't wait to hear ALL about her in a couple of weeks. Let's set a time for you and I to go exploring at the C4C resort (maybe a long hike?)and we can chat all about our little birthday girls! I'll email soon!

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