Friday, December 9, 2011

sleeping. or not.

aregash's first night home

we are in the midst of a power struggle right now.  
 and she has chosen sleep to try to control.
 things are off-kilter and this is what she does.
 it doesn't matter how tired she is.....
she won't do it.
 i lay her down for a nap and 2-3 hours later i return to find her
with black, baggy bags under her eyes.

we've been through this before.
eventually she will wear down.
or will i?

soon after returning home-in dreamland

when she's on she's on
and she will sleep 12 hours through the night
and take a 2-4 hour nap.
she's a good sleeper.
i can't remember how long this lasted the last time.
i'm tired for her.
just sleep.
just do it.


Cassie said...

I'm so sorry Kendra! Hang in there and I hope she starts sleeping soon. There is nothing worse then sleep deprivation for everyone involved! Praying for you guys!

Captain Murdock said...

Poor punkin! Hope she starts sleeping soon. Man that makes such a difference - for mom and kid!

Holly B said...

A sleepless night is as long as a year!! Praying peaceful rest for ALL of you!

Shannon- said...

melatonin is her friend. liquid. lets her scared little brain heal

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