Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HOME....month 11

for 11 months.......
she has been in our home,
 in our family,
part of our daily lives.

  her first birthday,
 first easter,
 first christmas.....
all of them celebrated

but she has ALWAYS been with us..........

in our hearts.

we love and adore you 
Aregash Faith Dejene!!


Holly said...

She is beautiful! It has been great reading your posts, seeing your heart for her, and other adoptive families. God Blessed You!

Julie said...

I love reading your posts and seeing how your precious girl has grown. And by the way, I'm excited to see you at the Created for Care retreat in March. Do you need a roommate? Contact me if you do! See you then.

Karen said...

Hi, Kendra. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I could use some chicken noodle soup again today..

I started crying even before I got to the TOP of this post! Adoption always makes me bawl. I thought at one point that we would definitely do it, now I'm not so sure. God definitely keeps my heart tender in regard to adoption, so I've no doubt He's up to something.

Blessings on your and your sweet family, Kendra!

Karen Klasi

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