Friday, August 26, 2011

some more fun before school begins.......a new season


a first for our ethiopian girl and a favorite of our boys. we spend most of our time at the FREE stuff and one night with a handful of ride tickets. we always make the best of it, and we're all tuckered out when it's over.

aregash's first time

her first ride.....she would have been riding the big-boy rides if she was able too!

cole doesn't particularly care for rides--but he CHOSE this one

these are my dare-devils.....zach & luke with their friend pacey on the yo-yo

cole gave in and indulged his little sister---"as long as we don't spin", he says.


we have been to many different lakes this summer--all within an hour or so from home.  i love this time soaking up the vitamin d and watching my kids enjoy themselves just talk of video games or ipods, etc. just plain.

taking a break--he's pretty handsome

lots of friends to make sand-thingys  :0)

always busy look'n cute

a chat with friends, reese and kiera

having fun together after the friends have gone--burying cole

i can't believe how he's grown--and has the voice change to prove it --he'll be 13 next week!!


love that boy!!

a perfect way to end the summer............even though it's not the end of the fun to be had.


Shiloh said...

Add caption....She is A-DORABLE!!

I love to check in with you, I come to you via God Will Add. She is a beautiful girl. Your boys are too, or shall we say handsome:) Thanks for sharing!


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I love your fun time at the fair : ) All of your lake adventures look grand. We don't have many lakes around us and it makes me sad. I think it is so much more fun to swim in a lake than in a chlorinated pool. Your family is beautiful!

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