Thursday, January 6, 2011

Help Bring Baby "A' less than TWO WEEKS!!!!

Dear Friends,
I am taking this wonderful opportunity to show-off my t-shirts one more time before we travel to Ethiopia to bring "her" home...for good.  I am elated, ecstatic, get the picture!  I'm just soo HAPPY!!  As always, every cent from t-shirt/necklace sales will go directly to our remaining travel expenses (they may be remaining for a very long time :0).  So if you so desire to "grab" a shirt, you can do it by clicking on the link on the right sidebar of this page.  And just soo you know, we will be forever grateful for all of the love, support, prayers, and blessings we have received.  I will post as many pictures as possible so you can see the many colors available.....but it's also listed over there>>>>>>>>

Youth Sizes Available in several colors

Baby and Toddler sizes in LOTS of colors!!  
Sizes for the whole family!

The Daddy's.....

 and the Mama's 
are wearing them......

women's colors

They're for cousins......

and teachers......
we love them all!


We will NOT leave them as orphans.......


One child at a time!
We CAN make a difference!
Coming for baby "A" her family who loves her.
Just 13 more days until we leave on a 25 hour trip of a lifetime.  
 Join us.


Lisa said...

Congrats! Wishing you safe travels!

Sharon said...

Got it in the mail today!!!!! I think I may just bid on it MYSELF!!! :) :)

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