Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eight...count them....8 MORE DAYS TIL WE BRING OUR BABE HOME!!!!!!!

I am shopping, packing, making photo books for the birth family, cleaning, doing laundry, making lists for our boys' care-takers, and trying to get some t-shirt orders out!!!!!  We are soo excited that in eight VERY short days we will return to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to see our precious little girl, then go to meet with her birth-family, grab her visa at our embassy appt, and then we bring her HOME---Friday, January 28th....3:15 (please meet us at the airport) !!!!!  I can't believe it's finally happening!!!  We have been blessed this week with t-shirt orders to help pay for the costs of this last journey.  Our punkins one-way plane ticket cost us $600 MORE than ours!!  Can you believe it??  So I am asking that if you feel it in your heart to help us with just a few more expenses, we would be soo grateful.  It hasn't been easy to ask. This is an understatement.....it has been painful to ask.  This process has been soo humbling, and these shirts have provided a great amount for our family.  Our friends and family have been soo great and are all adorned in our shirts.  If you don't have one, or know someone who may enjoy one, we would be soo grateful.  You can order to the right side with PayPal or you can send a check snail-mail addressed to Kendra Chiolis, 3795 S Valley Dr, Rapid City, SD, 57703.  You can see more pictures of the shirts by clicking HERE and scrolling down.  If you have questions about sizing you can email me at cholo5@wescomm.com.  Please keep in mind we will be leaving next Wednesday, but I will get back with you when we get home.  I have a goal to sell every single shirt I have left!!  There are a LOT left, but the sizes I have the most of are the large & x-large in women's, all sizes in men's, and baby shirts sizes 9 mo.-18 mo.  You can see all the sizes and colors on the ordering panel to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. :0)
 I will try to update one more time before we leave and maybe even sneek a picture of sweet baby "A" in for you to gawk at until we return.
Peace and Blessings to you all, dear friends!

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Williams Family said...

So excited for you and your family! Have an amazing trip bringing your daughter home!!

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