Thursday, December 23, 2010

Does She Know? Merry Christmas Baby Girl.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve.  
We haven't gotten word yet about our trip to bring our daughter home.  I have been praying hard...I think I even pray in my sleep.  I don't understand what makes it all take soo long.  I'm frustrated..I'm angry..I'm sad..I'm longing...and my heart hurts real bad.  
But this isn't about me. 
I just need her to know that we will be back.  Are they telling her that?  Does she know?  Does she know that the people she met a month ago are really her mommy and daddy?  Does she know that we love her as if she'd been with us forever?  That we are longing for her just as she is longing to be held and rocked and sung to?  Does she feel God's presence and hear Him whisper that her mommy and daddy are on their way?  To love her forever?

God, please wrap your arms around 'lil sis and comfort her when she's sad and lonely and lost.  Please carry her and hold her when we can't.  Please place in her heart that she has a family that will be there soon and won't ever let her go.  Please, God.  I feel so helpless right now.  I haven't lost my faith in you.  I trust that your timing is rightI pray for all the hurting hearts tonight that they may find  their peace in You. 

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Cameron and Megan said...

Merry Christmas!

quigon said...

You gave her something to hope for, and a child holds onto that LONG after it seems like they wouldn't. She is thinking of you, waiting for you. And once you're there with her, none of that intermittent time will have existed.

Really glad your brother is sharing this on FB, very meaningful.

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