Thursday, September 16, 2010

Women's Shirts in Lovely Colors I've HAD these shirts for awhile, but the colors were soo sporadic that it was difficult to list them on my blog. 
Here you I have a few colors left in each size and you can buy them all up!! YES, them ALL! :0)

 You definitely need to follow instructions when ordering, because the sizes and colors vary, and unfortunately I no longer have the Burgandy, Lt Blue, or Sage Green.  They are listed properly on the ordering column (to the right).

  Wanna see how cute they are?  Here ya go.....

If you likey, please let me know!  If you have any questions, just leave a comment or email me:  Oh, and I still have LOTS of baby/toddler shirts in a variety of colors...soo cute!  

(they also come in red & Lt Blue)

And then the Youth Sizes.....

(with a mama thrown in there sport'n her Red shirt) :0)

These shirts have shipped all over the world!!!
Want one? :0)


missy said...

LOVE the new colors. I've been meaning to order for awhile, but now i love the new colors even better!

Bloggin' Robin said...

Kendra - Eeek! I'm behind with life right now. Adoption fever all around! So glad you rec'd your brown shirt. Would you send me a women's light green one in exchange in XL since they are form fitting? I'm going to need to wait to order one b/c we are saving every penny right now for travel. I know you understand. If you need my address let me know. Hopefully you still have it from the shirt I sent. Huge hugs to you!! Excited for your November date ahead! Hoping ours might be soon as well!

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