Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coley Boy

My oldest son turned TWELVE on Sept 3rd!!!! 
So I thought I would finally post about his Birthday....and some other things. :0)

 His two best buddies stayed the night for his Birthday--having Cole's favorite ice cream treat...BANANA SPLIT! 

Celebrating at a water park with his brothers and some of their friends.....

He requested a cake with the design we have on our adoption I became an artist for a day...I think it turned out alright! 

The Birthday boy!

 We gave him a gift certificate for some chicks that were due to hatch the next week.....posting about that coming soon. :0)


Getting some help from his dad with his locker........

 And then there was THIS a couple of days ago.......

I didn't cry on his first day of school.  I did everything BUT cry.  I had to take the two younger boys to their school closer to home and so Dic took Cole.  It was probably a good idea.  I did everything I possibly could to prepare him...even color printed his class schedule in BIG bold letters to he could just glance down and know where he was suppose to be.  I didn't have to take him that day and feel like I was throwing him to the wolves. 
when I attended his first Cross Country Meet and I saw him run I was reminded that I now have a Middle-Schooler. 
The dam broke.  
I tried to take pictures and cheer him on through the tears.  Just wish I would have brought some tissue.  My sweet boy has grown before my eyes.  I am happy and sad.  He is a blessing.  Every day I am reminded of that...

  Coley, your mom needs you to stop getting older now.
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